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Large format wines are special, elevating occasions and Elevate the occasion with a large format Rombauer wine.

Not only is it an impressive way to pour your favorite Rombauer wines to guests, but it can also be a special sentiment.

Consider asking guests to leave a message on the bottle with a metallic permanent marker. It then becomes a meaningful memento for weddings, big birthdays, well-earned retirements, and other occasions to remember.

Depending on the celebration, here are some of our favorites:

Magnum: While we are sold out of the regular size bottles, you can still pour our Proprietor’s Chardonnay for a small group looking for a special sip. Equivalent to 8 glasses.

3L: Our single vineyard Cabernets thrive in large formats. They age slower than traditional bottles so ideal to commemorate a wedding day and be opened for a 10-year anniversary. Equivalent of 16 glasses.

6L: A family or neighborhood barbeque in your plans? Bring the wow factor with our Zinfandel to open alongside all those grilled meats. Equivalent of 32 glasses.

9L: The equivalent of a full case wine, open everyone’s favorite Carneros Chardonnay to keep a crowd happy (and appreciative!) Equivalent to 48 glasses.


How do you drink them and then keep them?

Use the knife of a wine opener to crack and peel the wax off. Don’t worry, once you enjoy the wine and finish the bottle, we would be happy to re-seal the bottle for you, creating the best of both worlds – enjoy the wine and keep the bottle beautifully intact.



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