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Ideas to Upgrade your Bridal Shower, Rombauer Style.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. We’re always honored to be included in any part of your wedding journey, so we’ve assembled a few ideas for adding something Rombauer-blue into your wedding festivities. Please tag us in any photos so we may share the joy on your big day!

Upgrade your Games

Play a series of bridal shower games such as encourage participation by offering some phenomenal prizes. Consider three Chardonnays instead of medals: a ½ bottle of Chardonnay for third place, a regular bottle for second, and magnum of Carneros Chardonnay awarded to first place. Prizes such as these are sure to inspire even the least competitive guest.

Pour Rombauer for your Guests

Consider 1 bottle for every three people invited. This is a good rule of thumb for showers typically held in the afternoon with other drinks available as well though it may vary by your guests- is your super fun Aunt coming or maybe your just-turned-21 sister? You may need an extra bottle or two.

Gift a Rombauer Goodie-Bag!

Our ½ bottles of Chardonnay make excellent takeaways, especially when combined with a small bag of the brides’ favorite macarons or cookies, both tied with a bright blue bow.

Looking for something more unique?

Work with a producer on Etsy to create a custom invitation with blue flowers and our bottle, Rombauer photo accessories, or even, for the more adventurous shower, a pinata.


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