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Prior to Koerner and Joan founding Rombauer Vineyards in 1980, Rombauer was a household name. Irma Rombauer, great-aunt to Koerner Rombauer, first wrote the iconic cookbook The Joy of Cooking in 1931 and it has become one of the most important American cookbooks in the 90-plus years since its first release.

One of our winemakers’ guiding principles is the commitment to making wines of great flavor and balance, both of which are important for pairing with food. Rombauer wines are highly versatile, designed to pair with all different types of cuisines, including recipes selected from the 4,000 listed in the most recent edition of the Joy of Cooking.

Our tagline, the Joy of Wine, is a nod to this family tie and the belief that good food and great wine truly bring JOY to life.

The SF Chronicle wrote more about our connection here.


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