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One of the Rombauer winemaking philosophies is crafting wines to be extraordinarily food-friendly. It was extremely important to our founder Koerner and remains a focus of our winemakers today.

As such, Rombauer wines shine at holidays such as Friendsgiving which are centered around bountiful tables. Friendsgiving, an additional (or alternative) way to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with the friends you call family, is often an evening full of delicious and diverse foods, beautiful wines, and lots of laughter and joy. Regardless of what’s on the menu or who is around the table, ensure these are the wines in your glass.

A delicious addition to your Friendsgiving festivities is our Sauvignon Blanc. Consider opening this when you’re chopping in the kitchen or building the charcuterie board of your dreams. Light and bright with tropical notes, it is the perfect way to kick off the day and meal. Whether you go fancy with oysters or more casual with our favorite chips and guacamole, it is so versatile and fresh that really anything craving some acidity can be enjoyed alongside it. It’s also the perfect “palate refresher” for any point in the celebration.

The second standout for your Friendsgiving glasses should be our California Zinfandel. This generous, rich red wine is surprisingly food-friendly for any dish brought to the table. If your friends bring something spicy, take a sip. Is turkey, lamb, or pork tenderloin your main dish? Pour Zinfandel in your glass. This wine continues to the dessert course as the perfect pair for chocolate cake, pumpkin pie, or fresh berry pie.

With all of the food and with all of your friends, make sure Rombauer is on the table this Friendsgiving.

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