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From our first vintage in 2017, our Amador Barbera has been quickly growing a cult following. A lesser-known grape variety and available exclusively at our tasting rooms and online, our Barbera is beloved by almost everyone who tastes it.

Originally from the Italian region of Piedmont, located in northwest Italy at the base of the Alps, Barbera was brought to California by the Italian immigrants who were amongst the first to plant wine grapes in California. It is one of the preeminent grapes of the Sierra Foothills, sturdy enough with high natural acidity to withstand the hot climate. Given its natural climatic “fit” for the region, Barbera is produced at many wineries in Amador County and its popularity is increasing as people discover its approachability and versatility.

Once the grapes are picked, we use gentle, straightforward winemaking techniques to make our Barbera, a strategy that allows the beautiful fresh fruit to really shine. After destemming, the grapes were tank-fermented to dryness and placed in 790-gallon French oak casks where the wine aged for 16 months. These large casks are traditional in Italy, the Old World home of the Barbera grape. With less wine surface-to-barrel exposure, the casks allow the wine to develop fresh, bright fruit flavors along with the soft, roundness that comes with aging in wood.

With high acidity and velvety tannins, our Barbera is delightfully drinkable on its own but, in signature Rombauer style, is exceptionally food friendly. Its obvious pairings are many Italian and Mediterranean dishes, but it is equally delicious with spiced barbacoa tacos and roasted salmon with a red cherry glaze.

Simply said, there are many, many reasons to fall in love with our Amador Barbera and we look forward to you discovering it yourself.


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