An Introduction to Wine and Cheese Pairing - Rombauer Vineyards
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Whether it is the start of a seated dinner party, a core component of a cocktail soiree, or an indulgent work-from-home lunch, cheese boards are universally appreciated. But not all cheese boards are built the same! You should feature a combination of cheeses and other snacks to curate a board which will not only be visually delightful but also provide a variety of flavors and textures to complement your wines of choice!

Below are some of our favorite cheeses which beautifully complement our different Rombauer wines. Use these as your base and then pick and choose charcuterie and more of your choosing.


The acidity of our Sauvignon Blanc, combined with its roundness, means goat cheese is a delectable combination. Rombauer Sauvignon Blanc pairs well with these cheeses:

  • La Tur
  • Humbolt Fog
  • Herb Chevre Log
  • Goat Gouda


The fruity and tropical notes of our Chardonnay mean it can complement some stronger cheeses so don’t be afraid to go bold. Rombauer Chardonnay pairs well with these cheeses:

  • Mimolette
  • St. Andre
  • Horbison
  • Taleggio


The structure of our Merlot pairs exceptionally well with aged cheeses among others. Rombauer Merlot pairs well with these cheeses:

  • BellaVitano Merlot-Washed
  • Petit Basque
  • Comte
  • Aged Gouda


Cabernet’s tannins complement hard cheese, breaking down with the dairy components. Rombauer Cabernet Sauvignon pairs well with these cheeses:

  • Gruyere
  • Comte
  • Beemster Gouda
  • Ossau-Iraty


Zinfandel’s fruitiness inclines it towards pairing with stronger flavored cheeses as they will not overwhelm the wine as they might with other wines. Rombauer Zinfandel pairs well with these cheeses:

  • Stilton
  • Feta
  • Grana Padano
  • Parmesan


Sweet wines and blue cheese are an all-time classic pairing as the wine’s sweetness mitigates the potency of blue cheese. Rombauer Joy Late Harvest pairs well these cheeses:

  • Blue Cheese
  • Epoisses
  • Taleggio
  • Red Hawk


While we love all charcuterie, we have a particular penchant for these which are universally delicious with all Rombauer wines: Capicola, Prosciutto, Toscana Salami, and Calabrese Salami.


Our ideal snack board, in addition to cheese and charcuterie, includes other snacks to complete the plate. Look for differences in color and height to create the ideal board for making memories. Some of our favorites include thin breadsticks, crackers, baguettes, Castelvetrano olives, Marcona almonds, cornichons, sliced apples, fig preserves, honey, pistachios, artichoke hearts, and stone-ground mustard.

Use the above tips to create a spread to spoil your guests.


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