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Tasting the Difference: Our Reserve Chardonnays

Our Carneros Chardonnay is beloved by many around the world, but fewer people know that in addition we also craft three Reserve Chardonnays as well. Three distinct wines, each represent an elevated component or representation of our classic Carneros Chardonnay. Try them all and determine your preferred Chardonnay.


Buchli Station

This wine has the highest acidity of our Chardonnays, presenting in the glass as linear and focused. You’ll find delicate aromas and flavors of lemon, lime, and orange peel, enhanced and protected by using fewer new oak barrels used in its fermentation and aging. It comes from a vineyard in the very southern part of Carneros, right next to the San Pablo Bay, and that cooling effect of the Bay on the vineyard contributes to its beautiful vivacity. It represents the acidity of our signature Carneros Chardonnay.

Here is the 2020 vintage.


Home Ranch

In contrast, Home Ranch is rich, voluptuous, and round. Coming from a vineyard farmed by the famous Sangiacomo family, it is tucked away and protected from some of the wind and weather of Carneros. It has peach, nectarine, and honeysuckle flavors and aromas and over the years we’ve found that its structure benefits from a higher percentage of new oak barrels during the winemaking process. It represents the body and richness of our signature Carneros Chardonnay.

Learn about the 2020 vintage here.


Proprietor Chardonnay

Finally, but certainly not last, our Proprietor Chardonnay is our pinnacle Chardonnay produced. It is an elevated version of our Carneros Chardonnay with high acidity and rounded texture, but it is made only from the best fruit in Carneros. Each year, our winemakers taste and reserve the very best barrels for this special wine which, as the winemakers elaborated on during last month’s Rombauer Hour, is utterly spectacular for special occasions.

Acquire our 2020 vintage.



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