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We hope every bottle of Rombauer you open is perfect so please consider the following tips when storing and drinking your favorite Rombauer wines. For questions on specific vintages, please give us a call! We are more than happy to answer.


All wines are best stored on their side, in a cold, dark place, ideally between 57-62 degrees. Sun, heat, and frequent disruptions can alter and damage wine quality so consider storage carefully, especially for bottles intended to age. Avoid places like the kitchen, garage, or next to outside walls unless protected by a wine fridge.


A pillar of our winemaking philosophy is to only release wine when it is drinking beautifully. Therefore, you may be confident that if you are purchasing a Rombauer wine, it is ready to drink and will be delightful. However, if you are building a cellar and enjoy older wines, we recommend cellaring Zinfandel and Merlot up to five years and Chardonnay and Cabernet will still be delicious for 8+ years. Enjoy our Sauvignon Blanc immediately.


White wines become more golden and deeper in color. Red wines take on a brick-like hue. Tannins and acidity soften and fruit flavors are joined by aged notes such as caramel or nuts in white wine and earth or tobacco in red wine. With wines older than 15 years, consider using an Ah-So opener as corks may become dry and brittle. Drink older wines soon after opening for optimal aromas and flavors.


To fully enjoy aromas and flavors, white wines are best consumed chilled and red wines are optimal at room temperature. However, we often drink our white wines too cold and our red wines too warm.

When a white wine is too cold, you are unable to taste the unique and dynamic aromas and flavors because the chill mutes these components. Conversely, when a red wine is too warm, volatile elements such as the wine’s alcohol will overwhelm the aromas and flavors. Here are the ideal temperatures to enjoy Rombauer wines.

Sauvignon Blanc: 45⁰

Chardonnay: 50 to 55⁰

Barbera/Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon/Zinfandel: 65⁰

Joy: 45⁰

Solera: 59 to 64⁰



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