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Joy is a wine made only when the conditions are right. The Chardonnay sits on the vine far longer than our average Chardonnay. In that time if there is the right combination of humidity, a mold will form on the grapes, dehydrating them. By removing the water, the remaining sugars in the grapes are so concentrated that during fermentation, only a portion is converted into alcohol resulting in a wine with a delicate and delightful balance of sugar and alcohol.

Our Solera is made by fermenting a red wine from a blend of traditional Portuguese grapes, all grown in our vineyards in the Sierra Foothills. It starts fermentation as the rest of our red wines, but before it finishes, we add brandy, which halts the fermentation process. The resulting wine is 17% alcohol while maintaining the natural sweetness from the halted first fermentation. Our Solera is brooding, intense and deliciously concentrated.

While both of these wines are absolutely spectacular ways to sip on by themselves, they also are delicious complements to a dessert if you are looking to double down on a decadent way to end your evening. View our recipes for pairing inspiration for these incredible sweet wines.


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