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Water Usage at Rombauer


We recognize that water is one of our most precious resources and we work in various ways to reduce its usage throughout our vineyards, winery, and tasting room. Please read on to learn more about our efforts to minimize our water usage as part of our greater commitment to sustainability.

We hope you use and enjoy this refillable water bottle and have a great time as you visit Rombauer Vineyards!

Drip Irrigation in the Vineyard

We use a monitoring technology to determine precisely how much water each vine needs to produce the best quality fruit. We irrigate using a drip system, allowing us to control on a drop-by-drop basis the exact amount of water needed so that none is wasted in the vineyard.

Steam Clean our Barrels

We steam-clean each barrel instead of using hot water itself. This process is done a few times each year, but considering how many barrels we use across all our wines, this saves a lot over time.

Treat our Wastewater

All the water used in the winemaking process is captured and put through our water treatment process. An advanced process called the Eco-Vault, we take our highly concentrated water and clean it using microbes, oxygen, and other techniques, allowing us to then release the water with minimal impact on the environment. Our ultimate goal is to close the water loop and bring it back into the winery for grey-water uses. One day!

The average winery uses 7 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of wine. Due to these efforts and more, we are proud to say we only use 2.5 gallons of water to make 1 gallon of wine instead.

Thank you for contributing to our smarter water usage here at Rombauer!