Nonvintage Solera wine bottle Nonvintage Solera wine bottle

Nonvintage Solera

Solera is the new name of our fortified red dessert wine, previously known as Rombauer Port.  Rombauer made the decision to rename this wine out of respect for the Port wines of Portugal.  Just as the name Champagne is used exclusively for sparkling wine produced in the Champagne region of France, true Port is a fortified wine that can only be produced from distilled grape spirits in Portugal.  The name Solera pays tribute to the taditional winemaking practice Rombauer uses to make this wine, a technique whereby young and mature vintages are blended together in barrel.


The fruit for this wine comes from three estate vineyard — Twin Rivers Vineyard in El Dorado county.


Sustainable farming practices throughout the growing season were tailored to each block with the assistance of aerial photos produced using NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) technology. The fruit was hand-picked and sorted in the vineyard.


This nonvintage wine is made using a traditional process called solera aging, which blends multiple vintages together with a small amount of aged, high-quality brandy. This method, common in the Old World, creates a consistent Port year to year, with a depth of flavor that can't be achieved any other way.

Tasting Notes

Highly viscous, this wine has a deep red to black core, and a brick red rim. It opens with aromas of cherry liqueur, raspberry jam, brown sugar, almond extract and dark chocolate powder. Flavors of black cherry, raspberry, rum-soaked raisins, dried florals and dark chocolate fill the palate, and flow to a smooth and round finish. Dense, luscious and rich, this wine is a pleasure to sip and enjoy on its own or with dessert.

Recipe Pairings

Our favorite Joy of Cooking recipes for this wine include:

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